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Our Vision

Ensuring excellent stewardship of our marine resources.

Our Mission

To drive sustainable resource management and economic development of our marine sector, with our partners, for the benefit of the people of the Cook Islands.

Our Objective

The objective of the Ministry is to ensure the sustainable development of the living and non-living marine resources for the benefit of the people of the Cook Islands.

By “resources” we mean species of edible, cultural or potential value that inhabit or use our waters.

By “sustainable development” we mean that generations to come should be able to enjoy and subsist on the marine environment just as we do today, with all its animals, plants and structures.

The marine environment contains many of the nation’s major exploitable natural resources. Currently marine resources are exploited through aquaculture (black pearls), offshore fishing (tuna and other pelagic species), and coastal reef fisheries (trochus, aquarium fish, reef fish etc).

Our Values

The Ministry of Marine Resources commits to upholding the values of the Public Service which are set in the Public Service Act 2009. These values are: Honesty, Impartial, Service, Transparency, Accountability, Respect, Efficiency and Effectiveness. We will demonstrate these values through Professionalism, Integrity, Excellence and Cooperation.
– Professionalism means behaving ethically and as per the Service Charter of the Ministry, and being committed to delivering high quality services.
– Integrity means being honest and truthful in everything you do. It also means being reliable and ensuring accuracy in our work.
– Excellence is the quality of excelling, of being truly the best at something. It means delivering innovative and striving to improve our services.
– Cooperation reinforces our commitment to working with our partners, communities and stakeholders.