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Rarotonga - Headquarters (Avarua)

Our main office is located in Rarotonga on Moss Road in Tutakimoa, Avarua between The Computer Man and Bowling Club. The main office houses the Secretary and the five divisions of Tu’anga O Te Pae Moana. The Offshore Fisheries Division is located at the rear of the main office in the Oceans Monitoring Centre.


See Contact Us for our main office contacts.

Microbiology Laboratory & Chemistry Laboratory

Both of our laboratories are located at our main headquarters in Avarua.

Fisheries Development & Extension Unit (Avatiu Harbour)

Sonny Tatuava, Senior Fisheries Officer

Phone: +682 22531

Outer Islands

Discover more at the Aitutaki Marine Research Centre, including its pa'ua (clam) hatchery.

Araura (Aitutaki) Marine Research Station

Richard Story, Senior Fisheries Officer – Station Manager

Phone: +682 31529

PO Box 116


Cook Islands

Atiu Office

Paul Upokokeu, Fisheries Officer

Phone: +682 33269

Mangaia Office

Tuarango Matepi, Fisheries Officer

Phone: +682 34136

Manihiki Pearl Industry Station

Tangi Napara, Senior Fisheries Officer – Station Manager 

Phone: +682 43073

Mauke Office

Tai George, Fisheries Officer

Phone: +682 35065

Mitiaro Office

Ngarouru Tou, Fisheries Officer

Mobile: +682 76869

Nassau Office

Tuaine Williams, Fisheries Officer

Phone: +682 41811

Palmerston Office

Bill T. Marsters, Fisheries Officer

Phone: +682 37685

Pukapuka Office

Tai Ravarua, Fisheries Officer

Phone: +682 41811

Rakahanga Office

Tuteru Taripo, Fisheries Officer

Phone: +682 44036

Tongareva (Penrhyn) Marine Research Centre

Mataora Marsters, Senior Fisheries Officer – Station Manager

Phone: +682 42097