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The Ministry has five key areas of work in divisions:

Offshore Fisheries

  • To expand income earning opportunities from sustainable offshore fisheries, through effective management, capacity building, and infrastructure and market development.
  • Enhance current monitoring control and surveillance capabilities ensuring Compliance with licence and access agreement conditions.

Pearl Industry Support and Environmental Management

  • Improve the quality and diversity of cultured black pearls and pearl products by better farm husbandry, improve access to financial support, mitigating environmental impacts, promoting research and development and wherever possible, strengthening local capacity.
  • Develop capacity in cross-cutting areas within the marine sector concerning environmental management, public health safety and food safety programs.

Inshore Fisheries and Aquaculture

  • Improve income generating opportunities for private sector particularly in the Outer Islands through increased provision of assistance to allow small scale fisheries opportunities and to develop new local commercial export fisheries.
  • Ensure safe, sustainable fishing and conservation practises, the protection of culture and tradition and long term food security.

Policy and Legal Services

  • Ensure appropriate legal and policy frameworks governing the Ministry and marine resources sector are in place.
  • Ensure that all licensed vessels are properly registered and licensing register system is in place.
  • Provision of sound legal advice on issues emanating from MMR related activities.

Corporate Services

  • Ensure all management and financial decisions are informed and fiscally responsible and compliant with Government financial practices.
  • To provide excellent ICT infrastructure that caters for current and future trends whilst maintaining robust user policies.