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Pearl Support & Laboratory Services

Our Work:

The Pearl Support & Laboratory Services Division provides the technical and management support to assist the Cook Islands pearl industry to recover from the combined effects of disease, lower prices and rising production costs.

In this division there are three technical staff and one Senior Marine Ecologist stationed at the head office in Tutakimoa. A Pearl Biologist, a station manager and two Fisheries Officers are based in Manihiki. A Fisheries Officer in Rakahanga, and a station manager and two Fisheries Officer are based in Penrhyn at the Tongareva Marine Resources Centre.

Key Objectives:

  • Improve the quality and diversity of cultured black pearls and pearl products by better farm husbandry, improve
    access to financial support, mitigating environmental impacts, promoting research and development and wherever
    possible, strengthening local capacity
  • Develop capacity in cross-cutting areas within the marine sector concerning environmental management, public health safety and food safety programmes


  • Lagoon management regime, policies and guidelines are being implemented in lagoons where pearl farming is occurring
  • Farmer monitoring surveys conducted to ensure farmers are complying with management standards
  • Implement and maintain a robust and effective monitoring regime for lagoon ecosystems health and public safety health
  • Timely provision of information relating to water quality of lagoons
  • MMR marine & food safety laboratory services accessible by relevant stakeholders