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Service Charter

This Charter tells you about:

Our commitment to high quality service

What you can expect from us

Our service standards

Your responsibilities

How to make a suggestion or complaint

At MMR we understand that Service is the cornerstone of our business, we recognize that:

Customer service is about people and perceptions

Customer service rises and falls on every individual service encounter

Satisfactory customer service only occurs when reality equals or exceeds customer expectations.

Our Commitment to Service

We provide our services without discrimination, irrespective of a person’s social and professional status, language, religion, or gender. We will:

  • Be informative, helpful and efficient in the delivery of our services
  • Consistently aim to improve our services
  • Report our service outcomes to Parliament and publish our results

You can expect us to:

  • Deal with you courteously, sensitively, and in accordance with the law
  • Acknowledge the customs and traditions of Cook Islands in our dealings with you
  • Take into account any disabilities you have
  • Identify ourselves in our dealings with you
  • Respond to your enquiries in a timely and informative manner
  • Keep your information private and give access to it in accordance with the law
  • Use plain language when we write to you

Our Service Standards

Our service standards as public servants are regulated by our mandate; the public service code of conduct, good governance principles of transparency and accountability; public service values of honesty,

integrity, impartiality, fairness, efficiency and effectiveness; and customary principles of respect and kindness.

We are committed to providing high quality standards of service to you. This charter sets out service commitment to you, our customers.

If you telephone us, we aim to:

  • Answer your call promptly
  • Give our names on the telephone
  • Connect you to the right person first time – if the person you need to deal with is not available, give you a time when they can be contacted or take your contact details for them to contact you.

If you visit our office, we aim to:

  • Attend to you promptly
  • Honour any appointment made
  • Refer you to the right person or division who can assist you regarding your enquiries

If you write to us, for any assistance, support or advice that we can provide on our functions, we will acknowledge your inquiry or request promptly, inside 3 working days wherever possible. This will state:

  • What will be done with your inquiry or request, how long that will take, and why
  • The need for you to submit further information regarding your inquiries or requests

How can you help us serve you?

So that we can provide high quality service, it is helpful that you:

  • Give us accurate and complete and timely information about your circumstances
  • Let us know as soon as possible if you cannot keep an appointment
  • Treat our staff with courtesy and respect
  • Do not offer gifts, money or other favours to our staff

How to Make a Suggestion or Register a Complaint:

We welcome any suggestions on how we can improve our service.

If you believe that our service failed to meet the satisfactory standards we would welcome your feedback.

If you are not satisfied with the service you receive please tell the staff member concerned or their supervisor, to try to resolve the problem. They will listen to what you have to say and resolve the problem if they are able to.

If you remain unsatisfied, you can file a written complaint to the Secretary, Ministry of Marine Resources. Your complaint will be thoroughly investigated. We will:

  • Contact you within 10 working days
  • Advise you how the complaint will be investigated and how long that will take
  • Keep you informed about what is happening with your complaint
  • Advise you of the outcome of the investigation